Another Thursday, another night of openings.

15 Apr

Although this is now the second consecutive week that I’ve managed this, I’m afraid this isn’t going to be a regular Thursday evening fixture. 

First stop – Haunch of Venison to see Wim Wenders, Places, strange and quiet which opens to the public today.

Wim Wenders – Sun Bathers, Palermo – image via 

The exhibition presents a range of photographs taken around the world between 1983-2011.  The images have powerful resonances whether the echoing empty spaces or the panoramic depictions of towns.  Wenders has a strong feeling of place and he’s excited by looking at a map and picking somewhere new to explore.  As ever, Haunch displays the photographs beautifully – well lit, well hung and well curated.  Would you expect anything less?

Wim Wenders – Moscow Back Yard – image via 

Downstairs they are showing Eve Sussman and the Rufus Corporation – a collection of photography and video installations.  This exhibition didn’t have quite the same impact for me although the works are interesting centring around whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir, a film following the observations and surveillance of a code writer stuck in a futuristic city. 

Now, what could possibly be more different to that?  A nice stroll up Bond Street with some window shopping thrown in, took me to Heartbreak gallery who were launching a celebrity exhibition to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Famous figures from the worlds of art, fashion, hairdressing, sport and entertainment were invited to cut, colour and style their ‘HARE’ for the exhibition.

Own photograph

I was reticent when I first read about this show thinking it would be rather ‘silly’ but the huge variety of invited artists ensures that although there are some badly executed works, they are softened by artistic genius and comedy.  The range really is immense – ‘artists’ include Helena Bonham Carter, Alastair Campbell, Cheryl Cole, Tracey Emin and Stella McCartney. 

Own photograph

With over 200 artworks, Heartbreak had a challenge on their hands to make this exhibition a success but a success it certainly is.  They have grouped the ‘hares’ into themes over 3 floors.  We took great pleasure in testing our artistic knowledge and trying to guess whose hare was whose.  I’m pleased to say we weren’t too hopeless.  The opening was jam-packed and the works on the stairs were a bit tricky to see for fear of a slipping stiletto causing a downwards domino effect. 

Own photograph

With so many favourites, it’s hard to single any out, but noteworthy hares included: Nicola Hicks’ sculpted hare, the tactile texture of Stella McCartney’s, the comic value of Jimmy’s Carr’s play on linguistics, Teresa Witz’s take on the Dürer hare, Nicky Clarke’s clever collage, Kate Brinkworth’s beautiful acrylic and Nicole Fahri’s cut-out collage.  Artists Tracey Emin and Marc Quinn played on their usual style producing great works in the process. 

This is a fun exhibition for a good cause and you can see some great artworks too.  Go and chase a hare, you may even decide to place a bid!


All hares via

Wim Wenders and Eve Sussman are on display until 14th May at Haunch of Venison, Burlington Gardens –

Hare Styling is at Heartbreak Gallery, Bulstrode Street, until 5th May –

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